How it works

You can order up to 3 items at our ridiculously low prices. Considering that many of our products are only $0.25 you could place an order for 3 products for $0.75 and just pay shipping!

If you want to order more than 3 items you will need to buy a license. Just add 3 items to your cart and try to add another and you will be presented with a prompt to add a license to your cart. Once you buy a license the bigger your order is the better the deal is. We suggest finding a friend to split the license cost with and place one big order!

  • • We don't accept returns or exchanges.  
  • • If we are out of stock of something you order we will send your order without the item and refund the amount of the item.  We will refund shipping if the missing items make up more than 10% of your order.  So if you place an order for 2 items and we can only ship 1 we would refund 50% of your shipping.  If you placed and order for 100 items and we can only ship 91 we would not refund any shipping because we shipped 91% of the order.   If you ordered 100 items and we can only ship 85 we will refund 15% of your shipping cost.  The license fees would be refunded on the same 10% shortage deal.  So no refund if we ship at least 90% of what you order, but a proportional refund for the number of items we shorted you if we short you 10% of the order or more.
  • • We can not allow changes to orders after they are placed. At these low prices we are already losing money, we can't compound that loss with customer service time.
  • • We will do our best to ship orders out as soon as possible, but it is dependent on order volume.  If we get past what we think we can fulfill within a week we will raise the shipping prices and license prices to slow the volume of orders down.
  • • We may change the deal at any time.  If you place an order you get the prices you paid at the time of the order.  But if you spend too much time thinking about it we may increase / decrease prices based on demand.  
  • • We reserve the right to cancel anyone's order if we issue a full refund.