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Womens First Contact Poster Star Trek Shirt

Womens First Contact Poster Star Trek Shirt

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This womens Star Trek shirt features the poster artwork for Star Trek: First Contact, which was the second film to star the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In First Contact, six years have passed since Captain Jean-Luc Picard was captured and assimilated by the Borg. Now, the Borg make a second attempt to conquer the Federation. Starfleet believes that Picard's experience makes him an "unstable element to a critical situation" and orders him to stay behind. But, when Starfleet's fight does not go well, Picard and the crew of the new USS Enterprise disobey orders to join the fight, following the Borg three hundred years into the past just as Zefram Cochrane prepares to launch Humanity's first warp-capable engine, the Phoenix, and make first contact with an alien race.

For any fan of the 1996 blockbuster directed by Jonathan Frakes, this Womens First Contact Poster Star Trek Shirt is a must have!


100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton

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